Do You Really Need A Cover Letter?

Career coaches insist on attaching a cover letter whenever you are applying for a job, many people wonder why this is important despite having the certificates attached. Is it really necessary to have a cover letter? Let’s find out.

Showcasing your communication and personality skills

While a resume will showcase your experiences and qualifications, it does not entirely tell the person you are. In this case, a cover letter will come in handy to demonstrate your communication skills and personality skills which are also important in the position advertised.

Addressing gaps in the resume

A cover letter will fill in gaps in the employment history. For instance, you can explain the time you took off to cater to a sick family member in the cover letter.

Showcasing knowledge of the company and position

You can use a cover letter to explain why you need to work with the company and how your skills match that position. This shows that you are highly interested in the job.

Setting you apart from other candidates

A well-crafted cover letter will help you catch the recruiter’s attention. It showcases your writing skills and attention to detail.

In conclusion, a cover letter is an essential part of the job application process. It gives you the chance to introduce yourself and showcase other skills that could not fit in the resume. 

It shows your level of interest in the company, thus giving you a high chance to secure the job. Although it takes extra effort to craft one, it is a worthy investment that will ultimately pay off.

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