From Fired to Hired: The Ultimate Guide to Bouncing Back in Your Career

Being fired is challenging, but it doesn’t mark the end of your career. With the right approach, attitude, and mindset you can bounce back and find new opportunities that are much better. Here are some practical tips that will guide you.
1. Reflect on the experience
Take some time and reflect on the things that led you to the end of your employment. Could you have done anything differently? Admit your mistakes and also seek feedback from others to gain insights on areas that need improvement.
2. Rebuild …

Effective Strategies for Communicating Your Unique Value to Employers

In the competitive job market space, skills and knowledge are not all you need to compete. You also need to convey your unique value to potential employers. This is important in order to stand out from the crowd. 
So, how do you do it?
1. Identify your unique value proposition
Your specific skill set, personality trait, or industry experience is what set you apart from the rest. Spend some time and identify what makes you unique by going through your previous accomplishments.

Clear Signs It’s Time to Move on From Your Present Job

Have things changed suddenly at your job and you may no longer experience the delight that you once enjoyed? Are you feeling confused about whether this is the right time to quit and make a career change? is it too early or just on time?
Here are clear signs that indicate it’s time to call it quits.
1. You no longer feel challenged
When you are used to routines at your workplace, your job becomes less exciting. It doesn’t provide you with room for growth, it is the right time….