Recent Developments

The S&Gs were always meant to evolve, just as thinking and practice in our field evolves. Accordingly, with the support of the New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, the CCCD updated and “revitalized” the S&Gs in 2012.

Following a national call for input, two priorities were identified for this phase of the revitalization.

  • Reflecting in the S&Gs the massive influx of technology by including competencies for the infusion of technology into practice; and
  • Reflecting the diversity of Canada’s population by including competencies for the delivery of quality career services to diverse client groups.

A third priority was identified by the Career Development Chapter of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association—to review the specialization competencies in the area of Career Counselling to ensure the interplay between the broader field of career development and the specialized competencies for counselling are clearly articulated.

Practitioners from across Canada with expertise in these areas  joined the CCCD’s S&Gs working group and established three parallel teams, each focused on one of the above priority areas. Groups completed literature reviews, designed a webinar on the S&Gs revitalization initiative and held a series of consultations. Face-to-face consultations were held in BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, NB and NS – and online consultations provided a forum for broad national input.

New/revised competencies related to diversity have been integrated into the Core Competencies, the Career Counselling Specialization and the Glossary.

If you have recommendations for how the S&Gs need to evolve to better reflect you and your practice, please contact